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I believe that the right haircut is the foundation for all great styles. I provide a range of hair care services as part of all routine sessions which include: shampooing, cutting, styling, and blow-drying. The cutting services I offer range from thinning and texturing, to blunt cuts and playful gamine cuts; the look we discuss during your complimentary pre-cut consultation is what I will deliver. Upon your departure, you will be feeling lighter or more beautiful! I am always happy to help maintain your new look with complementary neck and bang trims in-between appointments.

I can achieve the style and look you desire for all occasions whether you are preparing for a big party or just headed to work, I have experience and training to tame or enhance all hair and textures types. I am able to boost your hair's body and volume, create curls or loose waves, or help keep it sleek.  

Hair smoothing is primarily a hair care treatment that leaves hair smoother and silkier than before without changing the natural hair type. Smoothing is mostly an alignment technique. If you have dull hair with split ends and want to make them manageable, this may be the perfect option. Depending on your lifestyle, I offer both natural and cosmetic ways to achieve smooth, straight and more manageable hair for you.

Coloring - Finding the Perfect Shade

Balayage is the French art of free-style painting. It allows for sun-kissed natural-looking hair color. Similar to what nature gives us as children but with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. This can allow for a longer time in between services and give your hair time to grow and change with the seasons. Whether you want Margot Robbie's blond highlights or Jennifer  Aniston's caramel tones; this service gives you a gorgeous nature-enhanced glossy finish.  

The word Ombre comes from the French word " shadow". Ombre' hair color is generally darker at the roots then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and color blocking. An Ombre' can go from the least subtle to a daring change and looks amazing when curled.

A single-process color is for you if you want to add shine and brighten up your own color or permanently cover grey. Whether it's a retouch, base color or all over color, I will formulate the perfect blend that's right for you. Add this to a balayage, or any foiling session and you will leave completely refreshed. 

A demi-permanent color is great if you want a truly soft diffused grow out or just want to achieve the ultimate tone or shine. Lasting 8-12 weeks this is perfect for adding a warm or cool hue to your pre-existing color. This service is also a good match for any male guest who just wants to camouflage his grey with a natural result.

Bleaching and Toning - Do you yearn for summer bleach blonde hair year-round? I can achieve the most effervescent color with a variety of high-shine shades. From formulas that highlight to color that covers greys and brandishes brass, I will help you unleash your inner blonde.  

Foiling is great for achieving depth, dimension and movement in any hair style. It provides 3-D effect to your hair whether it's a highlighted blonde or a rich brunette.

It is also known as a multi-dimensional color. In using a multitude of foiling techniques and patterns, this can create a soft and subtle look, or a more bold and vivacious presentation. 

You can choose a partial foil with a color placement that covers the crown and the top half of the head. If you want the soft look of color under your layers when pulling your hair up, then choose the full foil. Add a few high or lowlights to your current style and watch the color pop.  

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